Arte y Emprendimiento

Have you ever feel so greatful about so many things that at the same time that you can hardly understand how to catalyze that gratitude in order to give it back? Well first step is saying it aloud!!

I am happy, i am greatful and ready to be contagious!!.
Thank you James and Michael, we will remember last night always.

I am greatful because last night I had the privilege of being invited to an amazing dinner at the Residence of the Ambassador of United States of America in Madrid. James Costos and Michael Smith hosted us amongst a selected group of guests associated to the art and entrepreneurship world. Among those guests there were three much more special than the others. The three lights that illuminated the room with the way they envision life were artists Thelma Golden, Theaster Gates and Glenn Ligon. Individually they are enough to inspire you for the rest of your life, but together… they are very powerful, they are incredibly representative of living life meaningfully that it moves you to ask yourself questions about why you do the things you do. It´s great because that is what art is about, asking questions.

I have to say that I am greatful too, to have had the chance to meet for the first time, and at the same time, Thelma, Theaster and Glenn. This was such a opportunity that only if you know about them, about their work and about how they understand art, you might be able to understand how important it was meeting them.

Speaking tonight with Theaster was incredibly special, he gave me a great advice and I am happy to share it with you. After telling him that I use to feel very impatient sometimes he told me: “don´t be worried about taking small steps, small is just fine, get concentrated in one small thing and then move to another.” Thank you Theaster!

This is very much connected with all the work that the US Ambassador James Costos is doing in our country, talking to us about entrepreneurship. Connecting entrepreneurship with technology and art while bringing entrepreneurs from the states like Stephanie Lawrence or Millenials like David D. Burnstein. Beyond the ambassador program, James and Michael spread a different message. A special message of depth, passion, a meaningful life following your dreams, making people happy, to inspire and be inspired. This is what entrepreneurship is about, having a dream and just starting to work very hard, every day, to achieve it step by step.

I feel like James and Michael are doing much more for entrepreneurship in our country than our own politicians, because they are helping us to understand what the real meaning about being an entrepreneur is, which is improving people´s lives. It is doing something special, something different, something better and being creative about it; being creative to make things happen. Therefore, I am greatful to James Costos because he is helping us to be better, to be great, to learn with his work and his vision of what is the best way to be entrepreneur and I had the chance to say it to him yesterday.

James, Michael, Glen, Thelma and Theaster all represent something different, a different way of doing things, where art is at the center, moving people, connecting people through their feelings, through passión, through inspiration, because at the end of the day, it doesn´t matter if you buy a masterpiece or a new suit, we will only change our mindset if we feel moved to do it.

Get inspired, look for inspiration every day through the people you work with, the things that you have at home or at your office. Look for the right ecosystem to make your dreams come true because these are the ways to inspire others.